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Become an affiliation product of ClickBank Programe

What is affiliation and how it works?

Alan is ready to move beyond his day-to-day grind and start making money online.

He decides to turn his entrepreneurial passion into profit and goes to ClickBank to sign up for a free account. Now he's ready to begin promoting digital products.

Step 2: Find Products to Promote

Alan visits the ClickBank Marketplace and has instant access to tens of thousands of products available for promotion. No contracts or waiting!

He loves dogs and chooses the e-book "Dog Training 1,2,3" by Veronica Vendor. Within seconds he's created a personalized HopLink to promote.

Step 3: Promote the Affiliate HopLink

Alan goes to work online, posting his HopLink in search engine ads, on his pet-training blog, and in the e-book review he writes for his favorite dog-training forum.

Step 4: ClickBank Tracks Each Sale

His hard work pays off. ClickBank pays Alan his commission (up to 75% of the sale) for each time someone clicks on his HopLink and buys Veronica's e-book.

Step 5: Find and Promote More Products

Alan returns to the Marketplace and chooses other products to promote (as many as he wants).

Alan feels in control of his future and as he gets better at promoting products he sees his earnings grow.

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