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Test kecepatan mengetik kamu disini

34 words

Speed test

With the speed test you can test your typing speed. Of course you will not get an 100% accurate result, but at least a clue where you are. Try it again and again, and with time you will get faster, that is because, since the words that you need to type, are the most frequently used words of the english language. The faster you can type these words, the faster you will also type ordinary texts. After the evaluation you can include your results in your blog or whereever you want, so your friends can see how fast you type.

Melalui test kecepatan kamu bisa mengetes kecepatan jari-jari kamu ketika mengetik. Tentu anda tidak mungkin bisa 100% akurat tanpa kesalahan, akan tetapi minimalnya bisa menjadi patokan dari kecepatan jari tangan anda ketika mengetik. coba dan coba lagi, hingga tanpa terasa akan menjadi terbiasa dan dengan sendirinya jari anda akan bertambah cepat.silahkan coba kecepatan mengetik anda di sini

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